Asbestos Products By Company

Following is a sampling of some of the asbestos-containing products manufactured or distributed by companies for use in the American marketplace. This list is not all-inclusive.

A. P. Green Industries, Inc.A. P. Green Insulating Cement(1947-1971)
 Castable Block Mix(1955-1972)
 Castable Mix 204(1965-1972)
 Dropsy Fry 202(1965-1972)
 Green Pipe Covering(1956-1976)
 Greencast 22 L GR(1970-1972)
 Greencast 94 GR(1968-1972)
 Greencast 97 GR(1968-1972)
 Greencast 97 L GR(1967-1972)
 Insulation Adhesive(1947-1972)
 Insulation Coating(1948-1971)
 Kast-O-Lite GR(1956-1972)
 Kast-O-Lite 30 GR(1970-1972)
 LoAbrade GR(1966-1972)
 Loose Wool Insulation 
 MC 30(1966-1972)
 Mizzou GR(1966-1972)
 SK-7 Cement(1953-1972)
 Steelkon BF(1970-1972)
 Steelkon GR(1967-1972)
 Steelplant Castable B(1960-1972)
 Therm-O-Flake Coating(1963-1965)
 Therm-O-Flake Block Insulation(1963-1972)
A. W. Chesterton CompanyAsbestos Cloth(1907-1974)
Abex CorporationBrake Linings(1926-1987)
Allied Signal Corporation(See Bendix Corporation) 
Allis-Chalmers Manufacturing CompanyBoilers 
AmChem, Inc. (Benjamin Foster Company)  
 Black Cat Roof Coating 
American Steel and Wire CompanyCable 
Anchor Packing CompanyAnchor Gaskets(1908-1984)
 Anchor Packing(1908-1984)
 Brake Linings(1908-1984)
 Target Sheet Gaskets(1908-1984)
 VY-Flex Ring Packing 
 VY-Flex Spiral Packing 
Aqua-Chem, Inc. (Cleaver-Brooks)Boilers 
Armstrong Contracting and Supply Corporation (AC&S)Aircell Pipe Covering(1958-1968)
 Armabestos Block Insulation and Pipe Covering(1958-1968)
 Armatemp Block Insulation 
 Armatemp Cement No. 10(1961-1972)
 Armatemp Cement No. 166 
 Armatemp Insulating Cement(1967-1974)
 Armstrong 85% Magnesia Block Insulation(1958, 1964-1970)
 Armstrong 85% Magnesia Pipe Covering(1958, 1964-1970)
 Armstrong Hi-Temp Block Insulation(1958-1965)
 Armstrong Hi-Temp Pipe Covering(1958-1965)
 Armstrong Kaytherm Pipe Covering(1957, 1962-1964)
 Armstrong LT Cork Covering(1956-1960)
 Duplex Wool Felt Pipe Insulation(1945-1954, 1956, 1963)
 Kaylo Pipe Covering(1958-1959)
 Limpet LW25 Raw Asbestos Fiber 
 Limpet Spray(1958-1974)
 LK Block Insulation(1960-1973)
 Limpet LW25 Raw Asbestos Fiber(1960-1973)
 LK Pipe Covering 
Armstrong World Industries, Inc.Asbestos Tile(1931-1970)
 Asbestos Floor Tiles(1931-1970)
 Accobest AS-474 Gasketing Material 
 Accobest AS-8073 Gasketing Material 
 Accopac AD-8024 Asbestos Paper 
 Asbestos Felt 
Asten-Hill Manufacturing Company (1945-1975) Asbestos Felt 
 Bestmesh Felt 
 Calcot Felt 
 Syncot Felt 
 Synbest Felt 
 Thermesh Felt 
 Ventmesh Felt 
Atlas Asbestos Insulating Cement 
(G. W.) Berkheimer Company, Inc.Roofing Cement 
 Roof Coating 
Babcock and Wilcox CompanyAsbestos-lined Furnaces 
 Rope Packing 
Barrett Roofing CompanyRoofing Cement 
Belmont Packing CompanyPacking 
Bendix CorporationBrake Linings(1939-1988)
Bird and SonRoof Coating 
 Roofing Cement 
Borg-Warner CorporationBrake Linings(1971-1975)
 Clutch Linings(1928-1980s)
Capco Pipe CompanyAsbestos Cement Pipe(1965-1993)
Celotex Corporation (Philip Carey Manufacturing Company)Carey 7-M Asbestos Shorts(1906-1972)
 Carey Block Insulation(1906-1961)
 Carey Fiberock Felt(1960-1973)
 Carey Insulating Cement(1906-1967)
 Carey Millboard(1906-1972)
 Carey MW-50 Insulating Cement (1940-1972) 
 Carey Pipe Covering(1906-1961)
 Careytemp Block Insulation(1958-1969)
 Careytemp Pipe Covering(1958-1969)
 Careytemp Insulating Cement(1958-1969)
CertainTeed CorporationAsbestos Cement Sheets(1968-1976)
 CertainTeed Asbestos Roof Coating(1930-1982)
 CertainTeed Asbestos Cement Pipe(1962-1992)
 CertainTeed Cold Process Cement(1940-1967)
 CertainTeed Joint Treating Compound(1937-1956)
 CertainTeed Plastic Cement(1930-1983)
 CertainTeed Sealing Cement(1930-1976)
 Wet Seal Plastic Cement(1961-1977)
Chevron, USARoof Coating(1926-1984)
Chrysler CorporationBrake Linings(1925-????) (1973, 1st warning)
 Clutch Linings(1925-????) (1973, 1st warning)
Columbia Boiler CompanyBoilers 
Combustion Engineering, Inc.Boilers 
 Calcrete Insulating Cement(1964-1970)
 Griptex Block Insulation (M. H. Detrick*)(1964-1972)
 Hilite Insulating Cement (M. H. Detrick)(1964-1968)
 Kaiser Hard Top Insulating Cement(1964-1972)
 Kaiser M Block Insulation(1959-1972)
 MHD Finishing Cement (M. H. Detrick)(1964-1968)
 Permiseal Weathercoating(1964-1975)
 Pyroscat Fireproofing Cement (M. H. Detrick)(1964-1972)
 Stick-Tite Insulating Cement(1963-1972)
 Super 711 Insulating Cement (M. H. Detrick)(1964-1972)
 Super Finish Insulating Cement(1965-1968)
 Super Finish Stick-Tite Insulating Cement(1963-1972)
 Super Stick-Tite Insulating Cement(1963-1972)
 Utility Thermal Finishing Cement (M. H. Detrick)(1964-1972)
 WeatherKote Protective Air-Check Cement(1963-1971)
 WeatherKote Protective Coating(1963-1977)
 WeatherKote Protective Duriseal(1964-1973)
WeatherKote Protective Thermal Coat(1964)
 * These products were manufactured by M. H. Detrick Company, but distributed by Combustion Engineering, Inc. 
Congoleum CorporationAsbestos Tiles(1950s-1970s)
Crane Packing CompanyGaskets 
 Hydraulic Packings 
 Ring Packing 
 Rope Packing 
Crown Cork and Seal Company, Inc. (Mundet Cork Corporation)Mundet Block Insulation(1950s-1963)
 Mundet Insulating Cement(1950s-1963)
 Mundet Pipe Covering(1950s-1963)
(M. H.) Detrick CompanyCalcrete Insulating Cement(1949-1964)
 Detrick Block Insulation(1937-1956)
 Detrick Insulating Cement(1943-1958)
 Fibrous Adhesive(1958-1964)
 Griptex Block Insulation(1956-1964)
 Hilite Insulating Cement(1959-1964)
 MDH Finishing Cement(1947-1964)
 MW Insulating Cement(1937-1956)
 Pyroscat Fireproofing Cement(1954-1964)
 Super 711 Insulating Cement(1956-1964)
 Utility Thermal Insulating Cement(1956-1964)
Dana Corporation (Victor Manufacturing and Gasket Company) Brake Linings 
 Sheet Gaskets 
 Spraycraft Fireproofing(1964-1969)
 Valve Cover Set 
Dossert CorporationCable(1944-1972)
Eagle-Picher Industries, Inc.43 Insulating Cement(1944-1971)
 Hylo Insulating Cement(1963-1971)
 Insulating Cement(1936-1975)
 One-Cote Insulating Cement(1960-1971)
 Pipe Coverings(1956-1960)
 Super 66 Insulating Cement(1930-1971)
 Supertemp Block Insulation 
Fibreboard Corporation (Plant Rubber and Asbestos Company) 127 Insulating Cement(1966-1975)
 Caltemp Block Insulation(1950-1969)
 Caltemp Insulating Cement(1950-1969)
 Caltemp Pipe Covering(1950-1969)
 FI Insulating Cement(1963-1966)
 Floor Tile 
 Pabco 85% Magnesia Block Insulation(1941-1971)
 Pabco 85% Magnesia Insulating Cement(1941-1971)
 Pabco 85% Magnesia Pipe Covering(1941-1971)
 Pabco Block Insulation(1941-1971)
 Pabco Insulating Cement(1941-1971)
 Pabco Pipe Covering(1941-1971)
 Prasco Block Insulation(1941-1957)
 Prasco Insulating Cement(1941-1957)
 Prasco Pipe Covering(1941-1957)
 Plant Pipe Covering 
 Rolled Roofing 
 Roofing Felt 
 Super Caltemp Block Insulation(1968-1971)
 Super Caltemp Insulating Cement(1968-1971)
 Super Caltemp Pipe Covering(1968-1971)
 Taping Compound 
Flexitallic Gasket Company, Inc.Gaskets(1912-1992)
Flintkote Company#229 Antisweat Compound(1947-1978)
 Asbestos Cement Board(1950-1970)
 Asbestos Cement Pipe(1962-1977)
 Asbestos Cement Sheets 
 Asbestos Felt(1940-1983)
 Black Joint Cement(1946-1960)
 Ceiling Tiles(1973-1974) (Midwest Only)
 Fibrex Cement(1940s-1982)
 Floor Tiles(1945-1980)
 GF-8 Floor Tile Cement(1940s-1982)
 Joint Treatment Compound(1955-1976)
 Plastic Cement(1940s-1982)
 Rexalt Roof Coating(1950-1981)
 Roof Coating(1945-1982)
 Roofing Products 
 Roofing Shingles(1950s-1970s)
 Thermalkote Insulation Coating(1940s-1982)
 Weld-On Cement(1945-1981)
Ford Motor CompanyBrake Linings (1909-????)(1980, 1st warning)
 Clutch Linings (1909-????)(1980, 1st warning)
Forty-Eight Insulation, Inc.48 Block Insulation(1930-1960)
 48 Insulating Cement(1960-1970)
 Pipe Covering 
 Quik-Set Insulating Finishing Cement(1960-1970)
Foster-Wheeler CorporationBoilers 
GAF/Ruberoid115 Insulating Cement(1936-1975)
 203 Insulating Cement 
 214 Insulating Cement(1936-1975)
 Anti-Sweat Pipe Covering(1936-1958)
 Asbestos Millboard(1928-1981)
 Asbestos Paper(1928-1981)
 Asbestos Tiles 
 Block Insulation(1940-1970)
 Brick-Strip Paper 
 Calsilite Block Insulation(1947-1971)
 Calsilite Block Insulation (Navy Only)(1944-1947)
 Calsilite Insulating Cement(1951-1960)
 Calsilite Pipe Covering(1947-1971)
 Calsilite Pipe Covering (Navy Only)(1944-1947)
 Coverkote Prior to 1955 
 Floor Tiles 
 GAF Asbestos Base Felt 
 GAF Millboard(1928-1981)
 GAF Weather Coat Emulsion 
 Hearth-Glow Brick 
 Hooker Grade Fiber 
 Roofing Felt 
 Ruberoid Block Insulation 
 Ruberoid Insulating Cement 
 Ruberoid Pipe Covering 
 Ruberoid Millboard(1928-1981)
 Vermont Asbestos 7M Insulating Cement(1950-1975)
 Vermont Asbestos Fibers 
 Vermont Asbestos Grade 115 Raw Asbestos Fiber 
 Vinylflex Floor Tile 
Garlock, Inc.Asbestos Cloth(1907-1980)
 Ring Packing(1907-1980)
 Rope Packing(1907-1980)
 Sheet Gaskets(1907-1980)
 Sheet Packing(1907-1980)
 Valve Packing(1907-1980)
General Electric CompanyCable 
General Motors CorporationBrake Linings(1920-????)
 Brake Linings for Automatic Transmission(1965-1979)
 Clutch Linings (1976, 1st warning)(1946-????)
 Clutch Linings for Automatic Transmission(1946-1975)
 Clutch Linings for Manual Transmission(1930-1985)
 Disc Brakes(1966-1985)
 Drum Brakes(1920-1975)
 Locomotive Brake Shoes(1964-1983)
 (All for autos, trucks, buses, and stationary machinery.) 
General Refractories Company (Grefco)Diabestos Filteraid (1966-1973) 
 Fibrous Adhesive (1955-1981) 
 Filter Pre-Coat (1966-1973) 
 Grefco Insulating Cement(1955-1973)
 Insul-Finish Cement(1960-1971)
 Litecast 30 Cement(1961-1973)
 MX 17 Block Insulation(1964-1973)
 MX 17 Insulating Cement(1964-1973)
 Steelklad Dibond Firebrick(1966-1978)
Georgia-Pacific Corporation (Bestwall Gypsum Company, 1956-1965)Acoustical Plaster(1950s-1974)
 All Purpose Joint Compound(1967-1977)
 Bedding Compound(1956-1977)
 Dry Mixed Joint Compound(1956-1977)
 Drywall Adhesive(1972)
 Joint Compound(1956-1977)
 Laminating Compound(1969)
 Lite Acoustical Plaster(1958-1964)
 Patching Plaster(1956-1976)
 Ready Mix Joint Compound(1963-1977)
 Roof Coating(1975-????)
 Spackling Compound(1956-1971)
 Speed Set Joint Compound(1962-1974)
 Topping Compound(1956-1977)
 Triple Duty Joint Compound(1956-1977)
Grant-Wilson, Inc.Furnace Cement(1935-1979)
 Gum-Bestos Insulating Cement(1935-1977)
H. K. Porter Company (Southern Asbestos)Asbestos Cloth(1958-1974)
Harbison-Walker Refractories CompanyAsbestos Rope(1967-1970)
 Chromepak G(1964-1975)
 H-W Lightweight Castable #10(1960-1975)
 Metalkase Firebrick(1964-1981)
 Micracrete Refractory Cement(1964-1975)
Haveg Pipe Company (1970-1980)41 Cement 
 61 Cement 
 Asbestos Cement Pipe 
 Chemtile Pipe 
 Haveg Pipe 
 Transite Pipe 
Johns Manville Corporation7M-13 Raw Asbestos Fibers 
 352 Insulating Cement(1922-1973)
 85% Magnesia Block Insulation(1902-1970)
 85% Magnesia Cement(1902-1970)
 85% Magnesia Pipe Covering(1902-1970)
 Block Insulation(1930-1973)
 Cable Fireproofing 
 Ebony Electric Boards 
 Furnace Cement 
 Insulating Cement(1930-1973)
 Marinite Board(1906-1975)
 Pipe Covering(1902-1970)
 Roofing Products 
 Rope Packing 
 Thermobestos Block Insulation(1950-1974)
 Thermobestos Cement(1950-1974)
 Thermobestos Pipe Covering(1950-1974)
 Transite Pipe(1906-1975)
 Transite Roofing(1906-1975)
 Transite Sheets(1906-1975)
 Transite Siding(1906-1975)
Kaiser Aluminum and Chemical CorporationHard Top Cement(1959-1972)
 Kaiser Vee Block Insulation(1959-1974)
 Kaiser Vee Block Mix(1959-1974)
 M Block Insulation(1959-1972)
 Plastic Chrome Ore(1974-1977)
 Plastic Insulation(1959-1972)
 Plastic K-N Refractory Cement(1974-1977)
 Super D Insulating Block(1971-1974)
Kaiser Gypsum Company, Inc.Cover-Tex Wall Texture 
 Dual Purpose Joint Compound 
 Finishing Compound 
 Joint Compound 
 Kaiser Mineral Fibreboard 
 K-Spray Ceiling Texture(1961-1975)
 Masonry Cement 
 Null-A-Fire Board(1969-1978)
 One-Day Joint Compound 
 Plastic Cement 
 Plastic Gun Cement 
 Premix Finishing Compound 
Keene Corporation (Baldwin-Ehret-Hill, Inc., Baldwin-Hill Company, Ehret Magnesia Manufacturing Company, Mundet Cork Corporation)B-H Insulating Cement 
 B-H #1 Insulating Cement 
 Enduro Block Insulation(1924-1955)
 Enduro Insulating Cement(1924-1955)
 Enduro Pipe Covering(1924-1955)
 Monoblock Insulating Block(1941-1968)
 No. 1 Insulating Cement(1938-1971)
 No. 1 Plus Insulating Cement(1938-1971)
 Pyrospray “S”(1963-1971)
 Super Powerhouse Insulating Cement(1957-1971)
 Thermalite Block Insulation(1950s-1964)
 Thermalite Insulating Cement(1950s-1974)
 Thermalite Pipe Covering(1950s-1974)
 Thermasil Block Insulation(1956-1972)
 Thermasil Pipe Covering(1956-1972)
Kelly-Moore Paint CompanyBedding Cement(1960-1970)
 Deco-Tex Ceiling Texture(1964-1978)
 Paco All-Purpose Joint Compound(1960-1978)
 Paco Finishing Compound(1960-1977)
 Paco Joint Cement 
 Paco Joint Compound(1960-1978)
 Paco Quik-Set Joint Compound(1963-1978)
 Paco Ready Mix Joint Compound(1960-1978)
 Paco Spray Texture 
 Paco Taping Compound(1970-1977)
 Paco Texture 
 Paco Texture Paint 
 Paco Topping Compound(1963-1978)
 Paco Wall Texture(1960-1978)
 Paco-Tex Wall Texture 
Kewanee Boiler CorporationBoilers 
Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company (3M)3M Adhesive(1935-1986)
 3M Caulk(1935-1986)
 3M Dust Masks 
 3M Cement(1935-1986)
 3M Sealers(1935-1986)
 3M Wet Adhesives(1935-1986)
Mobil Oil CorporationArmorcote Adhesive(1964-1973)
 Armorcote Cement(1964-1973)
 Dum-Dum Adhesive(1964-1973)
 Dum-Dum Caulk(1964-1973)
 Dum-Dum Cement(1964-1973)
 Dum-Dum Nail Hole(1964-1973)
 Dum-Dum Masonic Adhesive(1964-1973)
  Dum-Dum Masonic Cement(1964-1973)
National Gypsum CompanyAsbestos Panels(1954-1981)
 Asbestone Cement Wallboard 
 Asbestone Panels(1954-1981)
 Asbestone Roofing(1954-1981)
 Chromatone Siding Shingles(1954-1968)
 Gold Bond Acoustical Products 
 Gold Bond All-Purpose Joint Compound(1935-1975)
 Gold Bond Hexagonal Shingles(1954-1965)
 Gold Bond Insulating Cement(1941-1957)
 Gold Bond Joint Compound(1935-1976)
 Gold Bond Millboard 
 Gold Bond Panels(1957-1979)
 Gold Bond Permaboard(1954-1981)
 Gold Bond Quik-Treat Joint Compound(1935-1976)
 Gold Bond Ranch-Style Shingles(1956-1969)
 Gold Bond Ready Mixed Joint Compound(1935-1975)
 Gold Bond Sprayolite Acoustical Plaster(1956-1973)
 Gold Bond Topping Compound(1935-1975)
 Gold Bond Two-in-One Joint Compound 
 Gold Bond Wallboard 
Nicolet, Inc. (Turner-Newell through 1962)Aircell Pipe Covering(1952-1964)
 Featherweight Pipe Covering(1962-1964)
 K & M Hy-Temp Block Insulation 
 K & M Pipe Covering(1962-1964)
 K & M Rope Packing 
 Kaytherm Pipe Covering(1962-1964)
 Limpet Spray(1930s-1963)
North American Refractories Company (NARCO)Aerogun(1971-1979)
 BOF Cote(1966-1975)
 BOF Patch(1966-1975)
 Gun Mix(1963-1975)
 Hot Gun(1964-1977)
 Narcocast Refractory Cement(1963-1977)
 Narcocrete Refractory Cement(1963-1977)
 Narcolite Gun Mix 
 Narcolite Refractory Cement(1961-1977)
 Narcotab Refractory Cement 
 Narmag Gun Mix(1970-1980)
 Staz-On Insulating Cement 
 Unicote Gun Mix 
Owens-Corning Fiberglas CorporationCeiling Tiles 
 Insulating Cement(1940-1951)
 Finishing Cement(1940-1951)
 Kaylo 10 Block Insulation 
 Kaylo 20 Block Insulation 
 Kaylo Block Insulation(1953-1975)
 Kaylo Pipe Covering(1953-1975)
 Type II Mastic(1964-1978)
 Ready Mix(1940-1952)
Owens-Illinois, Inc.Kaylo Block Insulation(1944-1958)
 Kaylo Pipe Covering(1944-1958)
Pfizer, Inc.Kilnoise Acoustical Plaster 
Pittsburgh Corning CorporationUnibestos Block Insulation(1962-1972)
 Unibestos Pipe Covering(1962-1972)
Proko Industries, Inc.All-Pro Joint Compound(1975-1977)
 Arsitex Acoustical Spray Texture(1959-1977)
 Forbest A Three-in-One(1970-1977)
 Forbest Acous-T-Coat(1968-1977)
 Forbest All-Purpose Joint Compound(1970-1977)
 Forbest Joint Compound(1970-1977)
 Forbest Redi-Mix(1970-1977)
 Glidden Spray Texture(1973-1977)
 Jones-Blair All-Purpose Joint Compound(1966-1968)
 Jones-Blair Bloc Seal(1966-1968)
 Jones-Blair Joint Compound(1966-1968)
 Jones-Blair Redi-Mix Joint Treatment(1966-1968)
 Mr. Mudd Joint Compound(1968-1977)
 Mr. Mudd Redi-Mix Joint Treatment(1968-1977)
 Mr. Mudd Texture Products(1968-1977)
 Napko Joint Compound(1972-1977)
 Triko Code 100 Joint Compound(1968-1976)
 Triko Pro-Tex Texture(1955-1977)
 Triko Super-Tex Texture(1955-1977)
 Triko Three-in-One Joint Compound(1954-1977)
 Triko Top-Kote Joint Compound(1954-1977)
 Universal All Purpose Joint Treatment(1962-1977)
 Universal Joint Compound(1962-1977)
 Universal Redi-Mix Joint Treatment(1962-1977)
Quigley Company, Inc.Damit Joint Sealant(1940-1970)
 Fiberock Felt(1960-1973)
 Insulag Refractory Cement(1935-1974)
 Insulbox Refractory Cement(1935-1974)
 Insuline Refractory Cement(1940-1970)
 Panelag Refractory Cement(1945-1974)
 Panelbond Refractory Cement
 Quigley Refractory Cement 
 Waterproof Cement(1959-1974)
Raybestos-Manhattan, Inc. Asbestos Cloth(1910-1975)
 Asbestos Packing(1920s-1975)
 Brake Linings 
 Rope Packing 
 Speedlag Cloth 
Reynolds Metals Company (Atlantic Asphalt & Asbestos Company, 1940-1978)AAA Rolled Roofing 
 AAA Roof Paper 
 AAA Roof Shingles 
 AAA Roofing 
 AAA Roofing Felt 
Riley Stoker CorporationBoilers(1911-1979)
Rock Wool Manufacturing CompanyDelta Maid High Temp Insulating Cement(1958-1970)
 Delta Maid High Temp-Master Insulating Cement (1958-1970)
 Delta Maid One Shot Insulating Cement(1958-1970)
Rockbestos CompanyCable(1918-1986)
Rutland Fire Clay CompanyJoint Compound(1910-1977)
 Roofing Cement(1910-1977)
SEPCO Corporation, Inc. Asbestos Cloth 
Synkoloid CompanyEze Tex(1949-1975)
 Kool Kap Roof Coating(1965-1976)
 Stucco “N” Cement Patch(1950-1975)
 Synko Patch-All 
 Synko Patch Rite Patching Plaster 
 Synko Plaster of Paris 
 Synko Prime-Rite Wall Size 
 Synko Pumice 
 Synko Spackling Powder 
 Synko Triple Duty Joint Cement and Texture 
 Synko Triple Duty Joint Compound(1950-1975)
 Synkoloid Triple Duty Joint Compound(1950-1975)
 Synkoloid Tri Sodium Phosphate 
 Tex Add(1950-1975)
 Vinyl Concrete & Masonry Patch 
 Vinyl Prep Mix(1962-1977)
 Vinyl Tex Wall Surface Conditioner Paste(1972-1976)
U. S. Gypsum CompanyAcoustical Plaster(1954-1972)
 Block Insulation(1943-1950)
 Durabond Joint Compound(1952-1976)
 Hi-Lite Acoustical Plaster(1953-1972)
 Imperial Plaster(1964-1976)
 Joint Compound(1920s-1976)
 K-Fac Block Insulation(1943-1950; 1970-1971)
 Perf-A-Tape Cement(1944-1976)
 Pipe Covering(1936-1938)
 Red Top Audicote Acoustical Plaster(1954-1975)
 Red Top Firecode “V” Plaster(1962-1970)
 Red Top Plaster(1929-1972)
 Sabinite Plaster(1930-1964)
 Sheetrock Texture(1964-1976)
 Texolite Joint Compound(1963-1976)
 Texolite Paint Products 
 USG Joint Compound(1937-1976)
 USG Multi-Purpose Texture Finish(1963-1976)
 USG Plaster 
 USG Siding Shingles(1937-1975)
U. S. Mineral Products CorporationCafco Blaze Shield Fireproofing(1958-1972)
 Cafco Fireproofing(1958-1972)
 Cafco Heat Shield Fireproofing(1958-1971)
 Cafco Patching Fiber(1954-1971)
 Cafco Power Shield Fireproofing(1964-1971)
 Cafco Sound Shield Acoustical(1958-1964)
 Cafco Spray(1954-1958)
 Cominco All-Purpose Insulating Cement 
 Cominco Mono-Ply Insulating Cement(1963-1971)
 J Spray(1964-1967)
Union Carbide CorporationBakelite Panels(1939-1974)
UniroyalAsbestos Cloth(1941-1976)
W. R. Grace and CompanyMono-Kote Cement(1958-1973)
 Mono-Kote Fireproofing(1958-1973)
 Zonolite Acoustical Plaster(1945-1972)
 Zonolite Insulating Cement(1938-1971)
 Zonolite Econowhite(1956-1970)
 Zonolite Fireproofing(1958-1973)
 Zonolite High Temperature Insulating Cement(1938-1971)
 Zonolite Plaster(1945-1972)
 Zonolite MK-1 Spray Insulation(1958-1969)
 Zonolite MK-2 Spray Insulation(1960-1972)
 Zonolite Spraytex(1955-1972)
 Zonolite Super 40 Spray Surfacer(1966-1973)
Wagner Electric CorporationBrake Linings 
 Clutch Linings 
Westinghouse Electric CompanyCable 

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