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Feature Letter

“Last Sunday was five months since my husband passed away from cancer caused by asbestos. Mesothelioma was a foreign word to our family. But two years and four months later it took my dear husband’s life.

He was a loving father. A loving husband and my dearest friend. He suffered even though the doctors did everything they could for him. No wife should have to see their loved one suffer like that.

He was someone special. Special to his friends and family. Special to me. We were married 45 years May 27, 2004. Less than a month later he was dead.

Do these people that made this product that kills feel my pain? Do they know the suffering they caused?

I am sending you the program that my children had printed for his funeral. They honored their father in this way. I want you to see his smiling face before mesothelioma took his life.

Thank you for helping us get some compensation for his pain and suffering. And for our pain and suffering. Money cannot replace him. But, he died knowing that your firm was doing for him what he couldn’t do for himself.”

B.A.B.F. (wife of J.R.F., Sr.)


“Our experience with your law firm has been positive in every way.  I appreciate the constant contact with your firm, keeping us apprised of the ongoing status of the settlement.  Your staff is very professional each and every time I call with questions or concerns.  I can’t thank you enough.  This has been a sad journey, but positive in the outcome.”

C.B. (wife of L.S.B.)

“I would like to thank CHLW for all they have done for my husband, G.D.B., and me over the years that we have been acquainted with them.  Truly, you have been a blessing to me and my family.  I appreciate all you have done in our interest.”

R.D.B. (wife of G.D.B.)

“There are not enough words to express our appreciation for all your hard work.  Your firm has been a driving force in compensating my father for his suffering.  Time and time again CHLW has championed his cause.  Thank you so much.”

A.D. (daughter of G.E.B.)

“I could never tell you how we feel about you.  1.  We put on a new roof which was bad.  2.  We put in City water.  3.  We put in heat and air we never had.  4.  I got a clothes dryer.  5.  We got us tombstones.  6.  We got us a van so we can go places we only dreamed of.  My prayers are with your company.  Thanks from the hearts of the R.C.Es.  May God Bless you all.”

A.E. (wife of R.C.E.)

“Words just aren’t enough to let you know how grateful we are for your help and the hard work you have gone through to represent Mr. H. and so many, many other families with this terrible asbestos illness.  He was the joy and love of my life.  Please know how myself and my family sincerely thank you and your outstanding staff for all your help and understanding over the years.  I have always felt so at ease to call and talk when I needed to.  Thank you again so much.”

L.H. (wife of M.E.H., Sr.)

“I feel I have been very blessed to have CHLW working on my husband’s mesothelioma case.  When the representative first came to our house, my husband was very ill.  He was very sensitive to my husband’s condition and awarded him all the courtesies.  My husband has since passed away, and the courtesies have been extended time and time again.  Please accept my heartfelt thanks for all your hard work on my behalf.”

S.V. (wife of J.D.V.)

“I have been very pleased with the services that CHLW has provided for me.  You have worked very hard on the asbestos suits on behalf of myself and my late husband.  You have done things very quickly and have my best interests at heart.  I would recommend your law firm to anyone who needs a lawyer.  Thank you CHLW and may God Bless you as you serve those who need your help.”

D.B. (wife of H.A.B.)

“I am glad to have this opportunity to express my appreciation for your efforts on my behalf.  I have been grateful for your keeping me updated as to the progress of this case.  As a widow who is past the age of employment, I had concerns about financial security, and the monies you have secured for me have done much to alleviate this concern.  Thank you so much.”

A.B. (wife of F.F.B.)

“I am so very pleased with my relationship with Cooper, Hart, Leggiero & Whitehead.  We first contacted you when my husband was first diagnosed with mesothelioma.  You have continued to represent me since my husband’s death without my active involvement.  I really appreciate that since I haven’t the knowledge on what has to be done, and you take care of everything.  I will be eternally grateful. Thank you, CHLW.”

E.C. (wife of M.D.C.)

“Thank you for handling my husband’s case.  His diagnosis was terminal, but you gave him something to focus his mind on in a positive manner, something to look forward to.  Unfortunately, my husband succumbed to mesothelioma one year after his surgery.  Your firm represented us well, and I appreciate your professionalism and the timely manner in which your law firm handled this difficult situation for us.  His death was made easier for him knowing he was going to be vindicated for his suffering.”

P.M.T. (wife of J.L.T., Sr.)

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