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Dear CHLW,

“It has been a long seven months since my brother, J.P.H. has passed away. It was hard watching my brother die, but you gave him hope that you were going to help him. J. never had much, and didn’t live beyond his means. Yes, he bought a house and was paying on it. He had some bills, but I think if he knew what was going to happen to him, he would have cleared up a lot of things.

J. Was a very easy going person. He never liked to argue with anyone or hold a grudge. All J. wanted was to have us close to him when the time came for God to take him. We didn’t think it would happen so fast, but when He calls, you come, and J. went in dignity. All his family were around him when God called him to be with Him.

All of the Cooper, Hart, Leggiero & Whitehead people should be very proud of themselves. You have told us the truth right from the start. Every time I call, there is someone to answer my questions. If there is a paper I don’t understand, I just call Cooper, Hart, Leggiero & Whitehead and I get all the answers I need. It isn’t only the answers you get – the people are so caring. Not once have I ever been upset with anyone or not received the right information.

As far as settlements, his first check came one week before he died. He was able to spend some money without having to worry about having money left over to pay bills. He was the happiest I have seen him since he got sick. He knew he wasn’t going to be around to spend the money he died for, and he left it to all who loved and shared in his life. The ugly part of it all is my little brother is gone and a big part of me went with him. I was 15 when J. was born, and he was like my little baby because I helped raise him. I gave him his first bath, sang to him, took care of him when he was sick. I will never forget watching him take his last breath.

May God Bless all of you for what you have done and are doing to help people like J. There is no madness in my heart, just emptiness. Our hearts will always yearn for J. Thank you for your time and patience.”

M.S.P. (sister of J.P.H.)


“From our first meeting (all the way from Texas!), we knew that we chose the right law firm to represent our family.  Cooper, Hart, Leggiero & Whitehead was everything we had hoped for as we were going through the difficult loss of my father due to mesothelioma.  The process was explained in terms we could understand; the time line for the process was right on target, and the settlement checks we have received to date have been a great help to my mother.  Obviously, we have dealt with other members of the firm and they have been professional and courteous.  We have confidence in the entire firm and know that our best interests are being taken care of.”

N.L.C. (son of J.L.C., Jr.)

“From our first phone call to today, CHLW has never stopped their kindness and concern.  God Bless all of you for helping make my husband’s last days as comfortable as possible.  Mere words cannot convey the peace he felt knowing I would be taken care of.”

M.S. (wife of W.R.S.)


“From the moment I contacted CHLW, I felt that they cared what I was going through.  I live in Pennsylvania and immediately they flew out.  They spent time with us and explained what we needed.  Every time I call, I am immediately taken care of or they will get back to me with the answers.  I feel like CHLW has only my best interest at heart.”

M.K. (wife of E.K.)

“My late husband spoke very highly of your attorney’s personal visit and I have been very pleased with the diligence with which the firm has pursued our case – and recovered settlements on my husband’s behalf.”

J.A.B. (wife of R.E.A.)

“I would like to thank you for your help in settling my late husband’s law suit.  Your law firm was very helpful in answering our questions and concerns.  Everything was handled in a considerate and courteous manner.  You were also helpful in keeping me posted about how the proceedings were going and what to expect.  Thank you for everything.”

H.D. (wife of G.R.D.)

“I am very pleased and blessed to have Cooper, Hart, Leggiero, & Whitehead on my side.  When I lost my dear husband, I lost everything, his income and his medical insurance and I thought I would also lose my home.  Thanks to the hard work of the CHLW staff I am able to keep my home.  It’s a wonderful feeling to know that there is help out there.  The support and well-wishes of your staff has been very heartwarming.  God Bless you all.”

C.M. (wife of B.E.M.)

“I don’t know where to start so much has happened to change the dreams that J. and I had planned together.  I miss him so much, and so does his daughter, H. and the three grand daughters A., 14, M., 7, and H., 4.  J. loved them so much.  We just have to believe that we will be together in the hereafter.  Anyway, J. would be very pleased how much you are helping us out, and I appreciate everything you are doing for my family.  The money will come in handy in helping with college, weddings, etc., for our grand kids.  J. would have been happy to know they are being taken care of.  You’re doing a great job and I thank you.”

C.B. (wife of J.L.B.)

“I called your law firm regarding my husband’s ill-fated lung cancer due to asbestos.  He had been exposed aboard ships he had been assigned to in the Navy.  I was told you would fight for compensation on my behalf.  Your firm has gone above and beyond what I expected.  I cannot begin to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude for all you have done and continue to do on my behalf.  Your entire staff and associates have been very courteous and kind.  Again, my sincere gratitude to all of you.  You are all in my prayers.”

L.C. (wife of C.F.C.)
New Jersey

“The experience with your office has made me very appreciative of the legal work you have done on my behalf.  Being on Social Security, you may be assured the money I have received is a Godsend at this time.  I have nothing but the best wishes for your office and your people that do such a great job.”

New York

“I am very satisfied with your professionalism and caring responses whenever I call your office.  It is very satisfying that today in this troubled world that we all live in, that there are still people who care about the needs of others.  I thank all of you, and wish you all good health and peace.”

F.J.F., Jr.
New Jersey

“Mesothelioma is a horrible disease that robs it’s victim of their life, and their family of a precious loved one.  Thanks to Cooper, Hart, Leggiero, & Whitehead, my husband, B.H., knew that even though I suffer from Lupus and may not be able to work much longer, I will be able to live comfortably without worry, and be able to help our eight children if the need arises.  Money cannot bring B. back, and we continue to grieve, but I know he was content to know we are taken care of even though he couldn’t be with us.”

F.H. (wife of R.L.H.)

“Hello to everyone at CHLW.  I really don’t know where to begin except at the beginning when you stepped in to help me with my situation of losing my husband.  I have to say that everyone has been just wonderful, concerned and professional.  I just don’t have enough thank you’s to send to each and every one of you.  All the work you have put into helping me and the amount you have sent will never make up for losing my husband, but it has helped me to stay in the home that my husband, J., made for me.  I would give everything up to have him back.  I still have a hard time knowing that he is not with me, but I know J. is in heaven and watching over all of us.

I have great respect for the work that you are doing, and know that you are helping many families cope with the loss of their loved ones.  Without your help, I really don’t know how families would make it.  Again, thank you for everything. “

M.J.T. (wife of J.C.T.)
New Hampshire

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