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Dear Cooper, Hart, Leggiero & Whitehead,

“Our father, M. F., Sr., was the best dad anyone could have hoped for. He, along with our mother, raised 6 boys and 2 girls. Dad and mom worked very hard to make sure we had all we needed growing up.

In the spring of 2004, after a few months of not feeling well, we took dad to the doctor and he was admitted to the Cleveland Clinic. There he was given the diagnosis of mesothelioma. He was 79 years old, going on 80 that summer. He was healthy as an ox. He was stronger than most 20 year olds out there before he became ill, and we all thought he’d make it to 100. That is what dad always thought . . . that’s he’d make it to 100. That was the plan.

So dad asked the doctor . . . “What do we do now, doc?” My dad has been through many horrible events in his life including WW2 (Normandy invasion), Korean War, my brother’s cancer, then my brother’s death a few years later. So dad thought whatever the problem was, he would just do what the doctors say and get better. The doctors basically told him to go home and pack it up. Dad thought maybe he had the “up to 18 months” that they told him, but he died 4 months later at home, with our mother caring for his every need and all his children at his side.

When dad came home from the hospital with the diagnosis of mesothelioma, we called CHLW for more information about mesothelioma. My father and family were so impressed when S. K.* from CHLW flew out all the way from Texas to Ohio. Mr. K. came and answered all the questions we had that day, and gave us information on how the asbestos companies would have to pay for what they had done to my father. Mr. K. was thoughtful, understanding and very considerate. We knew right after speaking to Mr. K., CHLW was the company to go with. A company who really cares about the people who are sick or dying from this horrible illness. They want to help, and they did.

As my dad was dying, within that short period of time, our parents received a check that helped with medical bills and other bills acquired because of his illness. The day before my dad died, Mr. K. called to let us know another check was on the way and I whispered in my dad’s ear that night that all was well and that our mother was going to be taken care of because of the help of Cooper, Hart, Leggiero & Whitehead. My dad’s job was to take care of his family, and he would not have rested in peace without knowing all would be taken care of. He died early the next morning in peace, knowing Cooper, Hart, Leggiero & Whitehead would do what they said they would do. May he rest in peace.

Thank you Cooper, Hart, Leggiero & Whitehead and all the associates involved with helping our family in our father’s case. We appreciate your help and will never forget what you have done for us.”

M.F. (wife of M.F.), M.S. (daughter of M.F.) and all my siblings


“From the first contact with Cooper, Hart, Leggiero & Whitehead, I have been pleased with the persistence the firm has practiced in collecting settlements from the asbestos-related corporations which have responsibility in the death of my spouse who was diagnosed, and later lost his life to mesothelioma.  No amount of settlement will replace my loss, however.”

A.A. (wife of E.M.A.)
North Carolina

“Thank you so much for all the work you have done for me and my family.  I still feel like my husband is taking good care of me, like he always has.”

E.D.A. (wife of R.R.A.)

“My experience with your firm has been nothing but extremely positive – you always informed me promptly of what was going to happen with my suit for the loss of my husband due to mesothelioma.  I could not be any more satisfied with your handling of this claim.”

A.C. (wife of R.E.C.)

“When one is faced with the death of a loved one from mesothelioma, there seems to be little that truly relieves the grief of the bereaved.  This is especially true when the disease was a result of serving one’s country in time of war.  My husband of 53 years was exposed to asbestos on a troopship going to Korea.

Cooper, Hart, Leggiero & Whitehead has provided me with compensation from the guilty asbestos companies that has softened the financial burden of receiving less income from his retirement and more expenses from hiring workers to do the tasks done by my husband.  I am grateful that CHLW continues to negotiate on behalf of the untimely death of D.J.L., a very healthy man prior of his diagnosis of mesothelioma.”

S.C.L. (wife of D.J.L.)

“To all of you at CHLW, my family and I cannot thank you enough for all your efforts.  My husband and my children’s father, R.E.M., passed away in October.  We all deeply miss him, his sense of humor, his love of life, his physical presence.  Mesothelioma changed all that when he was diagnosed with this terrible disease.  The settlements with the asbestos companies have helped our family.  You have been wonderful.  We all thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your successful efforts.”

E.M. (wife of R.E.M.)

“I don’t think there are words enough to express my appreciation for what you have done in the asbestos case concerning my husband.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  After 58 years of marriage to a wonderful person, I’m sure he must be looking down and thanking you for what you have done to help me.”

M.W.P. (wife of F.B.P.)

”From our first contact with representatives of CHLW, we have been pleased with the handling of both the legal and personal aspects of this unexpected turn of events for our family.  When we had questions, and there were many, you were quick to respond, and in doing so, acted with efficiency and utmost professionalism.  When daddy become ill, we really did not know where to turn.  You not only answered our questions about this devastating disease, but presented us with information to help us, as a family, make the right decisions along the way, as difficult as they might be.

I want to thank you again for all your help.  This continues to be a difficult time for our family, and knowing that our trust and faith in all of you is well-founded helps to make this journey a little easier.”

M.K.M. (daughter of M.D.P.)

“The best way to say this is that you made it easy.  Being uninvolved in the specifics of the case until after the death of my father, you helped me pick up where he left off with minimal frustration on my part.  The instructions were clear, and your description of where the case stood was concise and thorough.  I felt comfortable working with you.  The case was handled very professionally from start to finish.”

D.P.V. (son of R.D.V.)

“Thank you for continuing to work on behalf of myself and my heirs for settlements for my deceased husband.  Each time I receive a check I praise God that it enables me to live a more comfortable life as his widow.  I would gladly trade all the dollars I have received to just have him alive again, but I know this is impossible.  I would recommend your firm to anyone suffering from mesothelioma.”

J.M.W. (wife of D.D.W.)

“I cannot praise your firm enough.  You’ve helped us so much it is beyond words.  Everyone in your firm has always been 110% there for us.  We can’t thank you guys enough.”

T.E.C. (husband of L.M.C.)

“Your firm has done things for me that I never knew were possible.  Each attorney I have been in contact with answered questions I asked in terms I could understand.  They have never refused my calls, nor have they ever rushed me off the phone.  It has been more help than I ever expected.  Your firm gave me hope, and because of you I have a home paid for and will be able to help with treatments for my 3-1/2 year old grandson who has autism.  Thank God for Cooper, Hart, Leggiero & Whitehead.  I love you all.”

I.R.  (wife of C.G.R.)

“First of all, let me say that because of the asbestos companies, I lost the most important person in my life.  There is no amount of money that can ease the pain and loneliness.  That is why Cooper, Hart, Leggiero & Whitehead is so important to me.  It is so comforting to know that there are people like you who are fighting for the victims of this terrible injustice.  I really appreciate everything you are doing for me and for all of the other people who are your clients.  God Bless you all.”

B.P. (wife of H.L.P.)

“I wish to thank CHLW for all of your help.  I am a ninety-one year old widow living in an assisted retirement home in Roanoke, VA..  At first, although I thought about calling, I was afraid that I would have to spend a lot of time in court rooms to process the claim.  My brother-in-law urged me to call, which I did.  Your firm sent a very nice gentleman from Texas to talk with me, and I gave him the necessary papers that were needed to file my claim.  I must say you have helped me so very much financially.  Now, I do not have to worry about how I will pay rent here (which goes up five percent every year), or worry that I will have enough assets to pay the high cost of a full-time nursing home, if it becomes necessary for me to go into one.  My pension and Social Security together do not cover rent and expenses here.  Thanks to your firm, I now feel safe and secure financially, and I appreciate from the bottom of my heart all your kind assistance.”

E.T.S. (wife of E.A.S.)

“My father always spoke so highly about your firm and how much you did for him.  It’s impossible to tell you how much of a difference your help made in the last year of his life, and how relieved the family was to know that all his needs would be met.  I believe it was a contributing factor that helped him to live longer than his doctors predicted.  He was so happy that he could be independent to the end and had a peace of mind that he could help make things easier for those he left behind.  Words cannot really do justice to the positive impact your work has had on our family.”

A.C.M. (daughter of L.J.M.)
North Carolina

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