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“It’s been two years tonight since my mom died of mesothelioma, and as I sit at my computer at 2:00 a.m. unable to sleep, I think back over the last 28 months of my mother’s life. I relive the anger and helplessness of the doctor visits with the repeated “terminal” diagnosis. My mom was a kind, loving wife and mother and a dedicated community leader. She cared deeply about people, especially children, and what happened to her was nothing short of slow cruel murder. The corporate giants, a list too long to detail, and of which you are way too familiar, knew all the time that using asbestos in their products was a death sentence. But once again in corporate America, greed overtook compassion and concern for human life and dignity.

My dad is 87 years old and lives alone since he lost his soul mate of 57 years. He is relatively healthy and remains active in the community especially in AA. In his 22 years of sobriety, he has learned many lessons, one being acceptance of those things in life that we cannot change, or of which we have no control. We often sit up late nights on my visits to Montana, and reminisce about the happier times when my mom was alive. Our conversation usually ends with a shared thankfulness that my mom didn’t suffer any longer than she did . . . however, on a day-to-day, hour-to-hour, minute-to-minute basis, 28 months of suffering is a long time.

I’m getting married soon. My mom was a beautiful seamstress, and I knew from the time I was a little girl, that someday she would make my wedding dress – but obviously that won’t be happening. There are a lot of things she will never do; hold her great grandchildren, have lunch with her girlfriends or vacation with my dad. Somewhere there are corporate decision makers that are responsible for that. So with all this said, thank you for your ongoing fight and financial support – it does lessen the burden to not be downtrodden with medical debt.

I am a Union Representative and fight many of the same attitudes and lack of ethical practices that you do. We share your frustration and anger at these corporations that make huge profits at the expense of human life. The ongoing fight against corporate negligence and the effort to bring these companies to some type of financial responsibility is honorable, as we know the profit line continues to be their sole concern. A special thanks to each of you at Cooper, Hart, Leggiero & Whitehead for your continued battle for families like mine – may our voices never be silenced!”

D.L.L. (daughter of B.B.L.)

“After my dad was diagnosed with mesothelioma, I know his biggest concern was who would care for my mom after he was gone.  The settlements they received have meant that my mom has been able to keep her home and continue living there.  At this time, she has a full-time care giver.  All of that would not have been possible if she had only Social Security to live on.  We are deeply grateful to CHLW.”

K.L. (daughter of F.S.)

“Our family appreciates CHLW’s continuing effort to seek compensation on my husband’s behalf.  You have really made it easier on our family.”

A.A. (wife of E.C.A.)

“I can’t even begin to express my feelings to all of you!  It would take a book to tell you how much our experience with you has meant over the last four years!  C.R. (wife) is gone, and all the money would not make up for her loss, but I am so humbly grateful for your fight for us which has helped us (me now) to meet every expense possible and to provide for my sons and their families in the future.  I never dreamed I would have so much money, however, I always place God first and give 10% to His work in the world.  I can’t imagine how many hungry people have eaten and survived because we had you as our lawyers!!  God Bless all of you!!!”

R.F.B. (husband of C.R.B.)

“In 2005, I lost my husband to mesothelioma.  Before passing, he told me to contact an attorney familiar with this dreadful disease so everyone would know how many have suffered and died due to the neglect of others.  I was so alone and afraid, and not sure what to do.  I finally decided to contact your law firm, and it has been the best decision I could have made.  You took action immediately, and it is very comforting to know I will be compensated for all the pain, suffering and loss we had to endure.

I recently received a check from your firm which will help with mortgage payments and other expenses.  I am so grateful, and sincerely thank you and your staff for all you have done for me regarding my husband’s asbestos case.  Please continue to help others who have been robbed of their loved ones by this dreadful disease.”

M.K.B. (wife of R.H.B.)

“CHLW is like a member of your family, keeping your best interest at heart.  It’s just nice to have a firm that talks the talk and walks the walk.  Keep up the good work.”

W.W.C., Sr.

“A diagnosis of mesothelioma can be devastating financially.  Medical bills and special equipment can run into the thousands of dollars.  The loss of one’s job means financial ruin for many.  Not only do you have to worry about your mounting medical costs, but also how you will survive without an income, and where that leaves your family.

Thank goodness we found Cooper, Hart, Leggiero & Whitehead.  From our initial contact with your firm, your professional, courteous staff has made one aspect of our lives easier.  Your thorough investigation of our claim has enabled us to purchase our home, pay off all our credit card debt and buy a van so that the remainder of our days can be spent enjoying a quality of life we otherwise wouldn’t have had.  God Bless Cooper, Hart, Leggiero & Whitehead.  Please continue to fight for the little guys like us.”

P.J.P. (wife of H.C.P.)

“I am very well satisfied with the representation that my late husband has received from CHLW.  The money I have received has truly been a Godsend, and has helped me to be able to help our children, and in turn, our grandchildren and great grandchildren.  I will recommend your law firm to anyone finding themselves in our position.”

J.M.B. (wife of D.L.B.)

“Your firm has worked with us both before and after my husband’s death, and has at all times been extremely professional.  J. was grateful, knowing before his death that because of your efforts, I would have financial support and security for the rest of my life.  I sure can breath easier knowing the provisions you garnered will help provide for children’s and grandchildren’s education.  I am so happy I found you.”

G.A.G. (wife of J.C.G.)

“Thank you for your efforts on our family’s behalf.  Your firm has been a pleasure to work with, totally professional, informative and forthcoming with all aspects of the lawsuit.  You are my first experience with a law firm, and in the future, all others will have to measure up to the standards you have set.  You can’t bring my father back, but it brings a measure of justice and closure to hold those responsible – responsible.”

K. M. (daughter of R.M.H.)

“I appreciate very much what you have done for me.  It assures me I will be able to have funds in my old age, although it grieves me that it had to be at the expense of my dear husband’s life.  Thank you for all your help.”

G.L. (wife of C.E.L)

“My dear friends from “TEXAS”.  I’ll never forget your first visit and the thoughtfulness included.  I couldn’t find anyone better, and am very grateful for all you have done for me and my daughter!  Just keeping in touch with me was very important, as it gave me the faith I needed to carry on with the best people on my side.  God Bless you all.”

Z.A.M. (wife of J.M.)

“My association with Cooper, Hart, Leggiero & Whitehead has been a very pleasant experience for myself and my family.  Your concern for my mesothelioma caused by asbestos and the settlements you have reached with various companies has given me peace of mind knowing that my family will be provided for in the future.  I would definitely recommend Cooper, Hart, Leggiero & Whitehead for anyone diagnosed with an asbestos-caused disease.  Your consideration and hard work for your clients is more than expected.”


“When I contacted your firm, I was in despair, confused and still in shock after mother’s sudden death.  Your attorney personally flew out and came to my home.  He was patient, understanding, caring and sympathetic, and his knowledge was very comforting.  Every person I have spoken to at your company has been awesome.  You take the time needed for me to understand every detail, and treat me as if I’m your only client.  I can’t think of enough compliments for you.  Thank you for everything.”

D.K.W. (daughter of J.A.W.)

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