Naval Veterans Exposed to Asbestos

U.S. Navy personnel who served on ships before the mid-1970’s, were likely exposed to asbestos aboard ship.

Those exposed to asbestos are at a higher risk of developing asbestos disease. Medical research has shown that it may be many decades before any symptoms appear. Early detection is critical.

People exposed to asbestos in the military should take the following preventive steps:

1) Learn about asbestos-related diseases and the symptoms.

2) See your doctor and establish a regular health monitoring program.
Always be conscious of your health because each year brings on new risks for those exposed to asbestos.

3) Have regular chest X-rays (read by a Certified B-Reader) or get a high-resolution CT-scan. Also, have a pulmonary function/breathing testing to detect asbestos disease.

Early detection is critical in the treatment of asbestos-related diseases.
Although the effects of asbestos may not be apparent for several years, asbestos-related diseases may progress rapidly following the initial onset of symptoms.

4) Monitor your health regularly.

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