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Lung Cancer


United States Mesothelioma Resources

EPA Asbestos Page

Centers for Disease Control: Asbestos Risks

OSHA: Asbestos in the Workplace

Wikipedia Entry for Asbestos

Asbestos FAQs from the National Cancer Institue

National Institutes of Health Mesothelioma Portal

Facts About Mesothelioma from the National Cancer Institute

Mesothelioma Treatment, Symptoms, and Diagnosis

Mayo Clinic Page on Mesothelioma

Resources for Mesothelioma Patients


Cancer Help - Comprehensive Cancer Information (UK)

Health Safety Executive Site on Asbestos (UK)

Resource for All Types of Lung Cancers (Germany)

Italian Association for Cancer Research (Italy)

Italian Mesothelioma Group (Italy)

Thompsons Solicitors (Scotland)

Thompsons Solicitors (UK)

Slater and Gordon (Australia)