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Asbestos News

Anniston Star Series of Articles

The Anniston Star published a series of articles on the effects of asbestos on a region in Alabama.

What's a life worth? Asbestos exposure and its connection to money, politics and power

Who knew the dust could kill: Promise of a better future poisonous for Alabama town

Cost of negligence: Capco’s silence on how deadly asbestos was leads to plethora of lawsuits from Ragland families

Signing away justice: Legislation may change how victims of asbestos exposure are compensated for their injuries

Legislation to establish avenue for payouts from fund

What’s a life worth? Even today, asbestos all around

asbestos disease chart

The Anniston Star also ran a series of articles about the Thetford Mines in Canada.

Inside the mine, an unexpected calm

Canadian volunteers take on asbestos trade

Exporting a killer

‘... It’s so difficult now’

‘It was a bad dream’

Despite officially being in bankruptcy, asbestos companies are still in business.

Location of Mesothelioma Victims